The chart below is designed to illustrate the colors that are available.  Please remember that most of our colors are "oil" finishes.  They aer NOT sprayed on, opaque finishes that many manufacturers use.  We individually apply successive coats of our custom oil to produce a very appealing and quality color and finish.  This one of the major differences between strictly "custom" outfits (which we are) and the "hurry up and get 'em made boys.    Here goes!!

Our custom "Mahogany" color is shown here as the base color in this two tone holster style.  
Our Walnut color is a rich, dark brown color.  It is a dark chocolate tone. (GB two tone shown)
   Medium mahogany is just an intemediate step in the process to mahogany.  A nice medium tone   
   Saddle Tan.  A rich reddish gold.  Muted with one coat of oil makes a very nice color.  
   Medium Oil.  A natural leather colored only by careful coats of oil until you "get there"  
   Natural (russet) means no extra color added over base tannage.  We call it "skirting".  

 So what's wrong with black? Don't forget to chose your stitch color?



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