Our brand "Ol' Short Tom" rig has been tested by the best.    Designed to position the gun in a particular way to really give the competitive shooter that little advantage due to top line equipment and the folks who want to build them right.  Specially made clip pouches that present the mags just right and a holster that won't move around on you and that presents your 1911 to you just the way you want it---this all combined with the finest quality leather work available, give you all the material support you need.  Equipment is no longer an excuse.  The best is available at an affordable price.  Put one in your hand---there is a difference.  One thing I've learned over the last 25 years---if you're buying your leather from someone other than the maker,  you're paying too much---no matter how "good: the deal seems. 

Shown above is the full flap OST model rig with 4 mag capacity pouches, OST border stamping, and a custom holster that complies with all S.A.S.S. guidelines.  Price: $375 plus shipping.  Same thing only plain: $325.  You won't find another rig anything close to this quality and performance design anywhere near this price.  Holster can be purchased seperately; full flap, border stamped $160, plain $150,  small flap less $10.

Call me!  I'll tell you about it!   812 624 2022

Mag pouches are available in either leather on leather or heavy cotton web on leather.  .  By using small .  All pouches conform to current SASS rules.   Pouches are $45 each for all leather and $38 for web on leather. Special slides can be amde to hold extra shotshells and/or cartridges.  Call us.  812 624 2022


 This holster is the small flap version with a top yoke that reinforces the slightly flared opening to assist reholstering.  The hold down strap is mounted with a swivel and tucks away inside the belt when not needed.  The "toe forward" angle presents the grip just about parallel with the belt making the "grab" much more positive.  Special interior construction provides a very positive "stop".  This holster will not have that cheap holster "mushy" feel.  the pic of the back of the holster shows the screw placement for a secure fit to the belt and also the swing away and tuck in feature of the hold down strap.  Works well!!


This pic shows the "Ol Short Tom" holster in small flap with the OST border stamping.  



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